DISCOVER how to use the little time you have available

to market your business effectively

Is this your current reality?

  • You’re not sure where to look for new customers so you’re not getting the sales you want
  • You feel overwhelmed trying to do ALL THE THINGS to market your business and want a simpler way to do things
  • You feel sleazy at the thought of selling to people but you’re not sure what else to talk about in your marketing


What if,  instead, you could…

  • Learn exactly where and how to market your business to attract new customers
  • Feel confident and in control of your marketing and know what to do, when
  • Feel good about sharing your offers and inviting more sales

introducing my new marketing membership…

So many people enthusiastically start a course to move their business forward but then never find the time to finish it – or manage to learn new things but not know how to stitch them together to make a cohesive marketing strategy that drives sales growth.

So I decided to create a membership where I could package up my decade+ of experience in growing and monetising online businesses to show time-starved online business owners how to grow their sales in a way that feels good to them.

Here’s what I see this membership becoming…

  • Support to identify what stage in the growth journey your business is at and how to create a prioritised plan of where to focus now and next to move along that journey and grow your sales – at your own pace. This is about progress, not pressure.
  • An online hub of simple materials that empower you to make smart choices for how and where you do your marketing to maximise sales – designed to make action-taking simple, impactful and tailored to your business. One size does not fit all, not in clothes, not in business.
  • Regular live group sessions including coaching, training, Q&A and monthly reviews and plan-alongs to support your progress in a way that you can measure and proactively work on. It’s not how far you’ve come in the last month it’s knowing where you’re going and whether or not you’re on track.
  • A community of women online business owners all on the same journey towards growing the business they love, lifting each other up on the days that feel tough and celebrating every win together – with people who truly ‘get it’.

And I want to invite you to join me as a founding member and as a founding member you’ll be brought in at the lowest rate ever offered for this membership – just £5 per month for the first 20 people.

When I launch this officially the price will go up but your rate will always stay at the lowest rate as a founding member.

Plus what I’m really hoping you’ll do as a founding member is help me shape the direction of this. I want your feedback, I want your ideas and in the early days this is when most of this shaping will take place so you’re going to have tremendous influence over the direction we’re going to take this

access the support and resources you need,

when you need them, to grow your sales. 


Questions and Answers

What do I get if I sign up now?

We’ll start simple and with what will deliver you the most value the quickest. That means resources in the form of Google docs and live group calls to get support and tailored answers  to your questions. One of the first things we’ll do is work out where you are currently on your business growth journey so I can make sure to share the most relevant information for you.

Why only £5?

I created the membership for those in my community that want my help but are at a stage in their business where they don’t know what they don’t know and feel nervous of investing bigger sums in one area of their business. I deliberately created something priced as ‘no-brainer’ for my existing audience so that they could focus their decision on what support they need in their business right now not on whether they could afford it. The price will increase after the initial Founding Members enrolment.

How long is the Founding Members enrolment open for? 

Founding Member enrolment is open until Monday 11th May 2020 10pm BST.

Will I be able to sign up later?

Once Founding Member enrolment ends I will be focused on working closing with those who joined to get to know them and their businesses better and delivering value. We’ll work together to create a membership that meets people’s needs and when it feels like it’s in a good place to add some more cool kids to our crowd we’ll open enrolment again. At the moment I don’t know exactly when that will be, just that the price will be higher than for Founding Members.

What kinds of topics are covered in the Marketing Membership?

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I believe in sharing information that’s actionable and valuable immediately. I do not teach anyone how to grow an audience on a specific platform, e.g. Instagram or Facebook but instead focus on the building blocks of your marketing strategy such as:

  • Clarity on who your dream customers are
  • How to put together compelling offers
  • Identifying the right marketing platforms for you
  • How to make it easier for people to buy from you
  • How to create a mindset that supports your success

For more information on the kinds of things I talk about join my Facebook group, Inspiring Women Society, where I go live most days.

How much time available do I need to benefit from the membership?

As a busy mum myself, I’m deliberately creating the membership rather than a standalone course so that people can make progress at a pace that feels good to them and can get access to me when they it’s most useful to them. To build momentum in your marketing though I’d suggest trying to find a few hours a month as a starting place to help you start growing your sales.

What if I decide it’s not for me?

That’s absolutely fine and you can just drop me an email at and  I will cancel your subscription from the following month’s payment and revoke your access to any materials that form part of the membership package.

What happens after I join?

I’ll send you an email when enrolment closes to let you know how you get started!

I have one more question before I decide…

No problem! Just select the yellow ‘Message me’ box to the right of this page or drop me an email at and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you still have.

Timing not right for you? No problem.

Join the waitlist to hear future annoucements about the membership including when enrolment reopens.

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