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A 3-week one-to-one co-creation service and 30 days implementation support for coaches, creatives and service providers who want to discover what to sell and how to sell it – with integrity – to grow a business that feels good, fills their bank account and fuels positive change in the world.

‘cookie-cutter’ business advice just not cutting it?

You’ve bought enough courses to start your own online library, you’ve taken financial gambles on personal coaches that tried to shoehorn you into their ‘one-right-way’ of doing business and you’ve tried, like REALLY tired, to follow the advice you’ve been given. 

But here you are, still trying to figure out what that one guaranteed-to-work business model is, that FAIL-PROOF way to market your business, and how to continue showing up without burning out. You probably also…


Have so many creative ideas and unfinished projects it can be confusing to know where to put your focus (or keep it there)


Started your business because you love what you do (and you’re damn good at it) but you’re overwhelmed and headed for burnout…again


Know you should be doing more to market your business but you’re unsure what to say or where to say it – or if it’s even working when you do


Have unpredictable income and whilst you’re not looking to put a deposit on a yacht, you would like to live more comfortably and enjoy life a little more


Care deeply about your customers but you struggle to show the same level of compassion towards yourself, worrying that you just don’t have what it takes to run a business

It feels like most business advice just doesn’t work for you. And unless you’re a straight, white, middle-to-upper class, cis-gender, able-bodied, neurotypical man, you’re probably right! The majority of of mainstream business advice has historically been created by, and for, this homogenous group of people. The problem is NOT you, my friend. 

Perhaps, like me, you’re neurodivergent and/or have a body that has a monthly hormone cycle – not a great foundation for winning first place in the hustle and productivity championships. Perhaps you’re a person of colour and/or disabled and you’re frustrated by a lack of representation and inclusive language in the online business world. Perhaps you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community and you’re tired of navigating all the heavily gender-stereotyped and heteronormative content that just leaves you feeling like you’re on the outside looking in. Perhaps you’re none of these, all of these or somewhere in between. But if you’re reading this then the chances are the online business world (let’s be honest, society in general) is not designed for you to thrive. And whilst we’re getting honest, let’s also acknowledge that that’s not ok. 

No surprise then, that no amount of mindset work or 5am starts have got you the dream customers, growing bank balance or level of impact you’re so often promised. 

let’s design your business to work for you

Hi, I’m Laila and I’ve spent the last 15+ years immersed in helping businesses figure out how to create and sell profitable products and services that customers love. Originally from the corporate world, when I set up my own business I was shocked by the sheer level of noise in the online business space – it felt like a sea of people all arguing that their business is the only right-way to do it -and making a lot of money out of other people’s fear of doing it wrong. Endless claims that THIS business model is better than THAT business model or that marketing HAS to look a certain way. Having worked with all kinds of businesses from global media brands to solopreneurs, I can say with confidence, it’s simply not true – the only right way to do business is the one that works for you. 

Even with all my experience, there have still been times in my business journey where that pressure to conform has made me question myself. It was my late diagnosis as an Autistic ADHD’er that was my permission slip I didn’t know I needed to really own doing life and business on my own terms. And the more I leaned into my own identity the more I saw how many other business owners were unconsciously trying to contort themselves into some stereotype of success. 

So I combined my business expertise, coaching experience and passion for social justice into the Heart Money Impact® framework that underpins all of my work. It helps business owners discover and honour their personal definition of success so that they can grow a business that feels good, fills their bank account AND fuels positive change in the world. 

The natural next step was to create my Strategic Business Design service to give you clarity on what to sell and how to sell it – with integrity – to make your goals a reality. That means designing your unique business foundations to support your brain and energy and to let your natural magic shine. 

The process starts with us exploring your needs, desires, strengths and business finances so i can get an understanding of where you and your business are now and where you’d like. to get to. Other than 2 half-day co-creation sessions, I work away in the background so you can carry on with business as usual. You’ll be kept updated throughout so there’s no Big Reveal and you get to feel the excitement of the possibilities unfolding! After 3 weeks I’ll share your Bespoke Book of Business covering strategies for your audience, offers and marketing and 30 days of text/voice message support to help you get started. 

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know mainstream business advice doesn’t work for you. You need and deserve a business as unique as you are. You deserve to thrive. I care deeply about ensuring your business celebrates your strengths and values and delivers impact to an intersectional audience – no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions for my business – or yours. It’s time to do business differently – it’s time to do business YOUR way. 

Whether we work together or not, please let me assure you that you are whole and you are capable. I fully believe you can get to where you want without me – but wouldn’t it be more fun to carpool for some of the journey?!

 I started working with Laila after realising I needed to take a different approach to growing my business due to the limited working hours I have available as a parent to two young children. 

In the past, when I’ve come across business strategy online, it has felt quite ‘cookie-cutter’ and I was drawn to Laila’s approach, especially given that it’s all about working in alignment with our strengths, energy and neurotype. 

After (our work together) I had a much clearer idea of where my business was going and what actionable things I could get to work on right away. 

If you’re looking for a business strategist who will get to know you (not tell you who you should be) and help you craft a business you love working in, whilst also having fun with a brilliantly smart and witty person, I couldn’t recommend Laila more highly!

Gem Kennedy (they / them)

Facilitator, transformational coach and podcaster, GemKennedy.com

Here’s how it’ll happen:

I’ll lead you through a 3-week process combining your magic with my strategic smarts to discover your unique and sustainable business set up. 

Step 1

Onboarding: Pre-work

Before we get started I ask you to share the inside scoop about you and your business via my Deep-Dive Questionnaire so I can make sure we have the information we’ll need to make important decisions about your business.


Step 2

Week 1: Research

I’ll start pulling together ideas, questions and suggestions based on the goals you’ve shared with me and the patterns and gaps I can see in your current business.


Step 3

Week 2: Co-creation

We’ll meet for 2 half-day sessions to combine our magic and start your strategic business design together. Topics will likely include your mission, capacity, goals, strengths, audience, offers, marketing and finances. 


Step 4

Week 3: Delivery

Like Columbo wih his ‘one last thing’, I cleverly fit all the pieces together to create your Bespoke Book of Business. As well as learning what to sell and how to sell it – with integrity – you’ll also get a roadmap to set you off in the right direction. 


Step 5

Post Delivery: 30 Days of Implementation Support

By now, you’ll have everything you need to start making your business possibility into a reality but you might still want to carry on the conversation (I’m a delight to work with!) so rather than feeling like a no-contact break-up, you’ll have 30 days of Voxer access to me. 

Let’s get started!

  • Deep-dive into your strengths
  • 2 x half-day co-creation sessions via video call
  • Bespoke Book of Business
  • Implementation roadmap
  • 30 days of implementation support via Voxer

£2,800 paid in full

payment plans available on request

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like working with you?

The words that I hear most often from my clients are ‘validating’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘fun’. Whilst I always bring my serious-business-brain and passionate views on social injustice, I love the work I do and bring a playful energy to our conversations, holding up a mirror to your best bits and cheerleading youru choices. I’ll tell you honestly and constructively if I think something needs reconsidering, whilst still respecting that it’s your place to make the decisions in your business. 

You mentioned Voxer - what is that?

Voxer is a free messaging app that allows you to send and receive messages via both voice notes and texts. It can also be used in the browser on your laptop/desktop. I use it exclusively with my clients because it allows us to have a place to communicate that’s outside of our personal channels.  

What kinds of information do you need to know about me / my business?

You’ll receive a questionnaire during your onboarding process which will include questions about yoru goals, capacity, work style, income, expenses, existing offers & marketing and the type of transformation you’re seeking through our work together. You don’t have to disclose anything you’re not comfortable with but the more information I have the more impactful the results of our work will be. 

What days are you available / what days do you offer calls?

I work varying hours Monday – Thursday, calls will typically be between 10am and 2pm GMT on Tuesdays and Thursday unless otherwise requested in which case I will do my best to accommodate a time that works for both of us. 

I have more than 1 business / a variety of unrelated offers, and I'd like to discuss a strategy that helps align them - is this service right for me?

It’s best of we have a conversation to discuss your specific scenario – sometimes I can make it work within the standard service but it may also be the case that I’d need to adjust it or recommend a different approach.

Will you tell me I have to do cold-calling / dancing on reels / sliding into DMs / aything else that gives me the ick?

No! I might invite you to explore ideas outside of your comfort zone if we both have reason to believe they’d be a great fit for you but this is about building strategies that fit around you, not the other way around.

Do you offer ongoing support / accountability if I want to keep your strategic smarts around for a bit longer?

It just so happens I do. I run a rolling 3-monthly retainer service, Better Business On Repeat, with monthly reviews, intention setting, strategic advice and Voxer access to me. Drop me an email or bring it up on our call if you’d like to find out more about this.

Let’s get started!

  • Deep-dive into your strengths
  • 2 x half-day co-creation sessions via video call
  • Bespoke Book of Business
  • Implementation roadmap
  • 30 days of implementation support via Voxer

£2,800 paid in full

payment plans available upon request

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