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Do you run a business that solves a problem, makes people’s lives easier or just generally makes the world a better place?


Do you also have a fear of failure, a fear of success and a sense of overwhelm every time you look at your growing to do list?!

Ok, that’s not so great…

Starting your own business is exciting but that doesn’t make it easy. With so many new things to learn and inevitable bumps in the road your excitement can quickly turn into frustration and leaving you feeling stuck.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way! I can support you to build a success mindset and develop a clear vision for your business that aligns to the reason you created it and the impact you want to have. Additionally we can explore what drives you personally so you can make your own world a better place too!

What could you achieve with the support to:

  • prioritise where to put your time and effort for maximum impact in your business?


  • tackle the annoying loop of ‘what-ifs’ and negative thoughts?


  • work out how to monetise your idea or find more customers?
  • discover your personal strengths and how to harness them in your business?


  • learn how to use your values to make decision-making easier?


  • set measurable goals and create plans to help you achieve them?

Laila’s calming persona and great questioning skills facilitated my personal growth towards self-belief. She helped me to see that my life achievements thus far were tangible markers from which I could confidently propel myself towards further development and as such greater attainment.

Celia Tummings


Laila Edy is a success coach and business strategist who’s passionate about helping others create a business and lifestyle in line with their own definition of success. 

After an  ongoing battle with depression throughout her teens, Laila reluctantly turned to therapy in her early 20s and discovered the determination to overcome her fears and drive her life forward. With the same focus and perserverance she went on to build an impressive career in the digital sector, working with leading international brands creating amazing digital products. But after years of constantly striving for more in her work and personal life, Laila began to question what it meant to be successful in the corporate world. Then in 2016, Laila was made redundant and within 2 weeks began working for herself and earned 6 figures within 12 months!

Despite her financial success Laila was tired of helping big businesses get even bigger and longed to make a greater impact through her work. She trained in transformational coaching so she could help others to find direction and purpose in their lives. For many of Laila’s clients, this included starting their own business and she realised that combining her coaching and business skills together really helped her clients make those big leaps forward they were seeking. 

Today Laila combines her coaching skills with her business expertise to help purpose-driven female entrepreneurs build the mindset and business skills they need to fulfill their own definition of success.  


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Inspiring Women Society

Are you a female entrepreneur? Are you striving to achieve your life goals but facing the harsh realities of loneliness along the way? You don’t have to. The Inspiring Women Society is my Facebook group where heart-driven female entrepreneurs come to inspire and be inspired’

It’s a place for new and aspiring females entrepreneurs to get support and connect with other people who are on the same exciting journey of creating their dream life and business. It’s somewhere to find your tribe.

A Work for Good business

I work for good.

Throughout 2018 5% of all one-to-one package sales will be donated to YoungMinds

(registered charity number 1016968).

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