When you have a big heart, a big dream, a ton of ideas in your head but not much time in your day…

How do you grow a sustainable business that feels good, fills your bank account, and fuels positive change in the world?

You’ve already got the fiery desire to grow a business that lights you up like an eco-friendly candle, builds personal wealth, and makes a meaningful difference on a mass scale. You know you’re capable of achieving your wildest dreams and your “why” is as strong as your word.

And although you may have buried them somewhere deep inside, you’ve already got ALL the smarts, skills, and strength to make it happen. So what’s missing?


The clarity on exactly what to sell.

You currently eat chaos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it is not a nutritious diet. (Same goes for those tears in your tea. Way too much salt.)


The confidence on how to sell it while ensuring high integrity + high impact.

If the word “marketing” makes you projectile panic and the word “sales” make you cringe, you’re my person.

There’s a brighter way to do business: get more customers you love without LOSING YOURSELF

Bonus: it doesn’t involve a one-size-fits-all approach (thank gawd)

Well hello there. I’m Laila Edy, business growth strategist for big-hearted, time-limited business owners who want it to be easier to grow a high-impact business without feeling gross in the process, sacrificing their sanity, or wasting any more of their precious time wondering which ideas to actually implement. (Especially if you’re raising a tiny human at the same time — although you don’t have to be!)

My background is in digital product development for global brands and I have a knack for making complicated concepts super simple. So if you like people with sharp, strategic brains that show you how to solve problems and connect the dots in your business in ways you can’t always see for yourself, you’ll really like me. And if you like people with a quirky sense of humour and an obsession with colour-coding, you’ll love me.

My approach to business growth is grounded in positive psychology and practical action. Consider it somewhere between licking crystals and burning the midnight oil

The love triangle your meaningful success will be built upon

Heart – Money – Impact

This is my signature Meaningful Success Framework that supports all the work I do with my clients. Because you want your business to feel good, fill your bank account, and fuel positive change.

You’ve got some bright ideas in that brain of yours, how about a few more?

What if you built your business around the way you want to feel AND how much money you wanted to make?

What if your business could increase your personal wealth AND have a rippling positive impact on the wider world?

What if you could sell more of your offers ick-free AND have more freedom and flexibility to spend time unplugged with the famalam?

What if you could fill your bank account in a way that lights you up AND allows you greater freedom of choice?

What if you could sit down at your desk each day and know exactly what to do to increase your sales AND your smiles?

I’m here to help you develop + market your digital offers so that you turn those “what ifs” into realities. You’ll strut away with clarity on exactly what to sell and how to sell it while ensuring high integrity + high impact. Oh and you’ll fall (back) in love with your business while your ideal customers fall in love with you.

You really can create all the heart, money, and impact you want, in a way that works for you and your personal definition of success. No one-size-fits-all strategy, because you’re as unique as they come. The world is waiting…

There are two ways we can take the next step together…

Express business review

During this one hour live session, you’ll understand where your business is right now, what would make it your dream business, and your next steps to begin bridging the gap between the two.

What to Sell + How to Sell It

During 3-weeks of co-creation, we’ll get clear on your income + impact goals, design your offers to support those goals, and create a simple marketing strategy that connects you to your ideal customers.

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