I support my clients to dream bigger and really connect to their purpose by helping them uncover and overcome the thoughts that hold them back and keep them feeling stuck.

I ask powerful questions to enable them to build their own exciting definition of success that complements their individual personality, values and strengths.

Together we create focus and momentum in their business
by developing their own purposeful action plan so they
always know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it
and what they’ll work on next.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Laila has an upbeat, positive attitude that rubs off on you immediately, and also puts you at ease. However, in contrast, she is not afraid to ask you the tough questions and push you to find the answer within yourself! Her wealth of experience is a tremendous strength, and she is great at using that experience to guide you and teach you to empower yourself to achieve your goals. I cannot recommend her enough!

Annie Clare


My clients are purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who have built or want to build an online business so that they can create more freedom and choice in their life. They know they are just at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey but dream big.  They are ready to take action to overcome their obstacles and make exciting things happen – even if it feels a bit scary!
Purpose is my favourite word. To me, it represents living your life in a way that always moves you closer to your desires. And I’m not talking about a bigger house, a shinier car or the condo in Malibu – although they are perfectly acceptable as goals. It’s about reaching a state of being or a way of living that resonates so deeply with you that you feel at home in it. For example, if your dream is to have the condo in Malibu, what would that give you? A sense of freedom? a sense of pride? Maybe you’d get there and realise that it didn’t give you anything you didn’t have already and wonder why it was so important to you in the first place! That’s why finding the purpose behind your goals is key, not only in creating goals that give you a sense of direction but also in helping you achieve them. Have you ever noticed how everyone starts the New Year full of good intentions and by the end of March their goals are a distant memory? That’s because people pick goals they think they should be chasing. But when the hard work really sets in, those things just don’t really matter to them as much as they thought. To be purpose-driven means to have a bigger vision that you can align your goals to. Your vision will be personal to you, it might be about what your day-to-day life looks like or it might be the kind of world you want to live in but whatever it is, it really matters to you. Not sure what your purpose is? That’s ok, I can help you explore your personal story to find the clues about what vision of the future is going to keep you going on the tough days and that will become your purpose.
I run fortnightly video calls with each of my clients via Zoom or Skype so they can be located anywhere in the world. Sessions last 1 hour and depending on what is discussed in the session we may agree on an exercise for the client to carry out between sessions. These will always be focused on supporting my clients in moving closer to their personal and business goals. 

My clients share a common goal – to create a profitable and meaningful online business that offers them greater freedom in their life. But every client is unique and will experience their own personal transformation as well as make progress on their business. Depending on where you are on your own journey to freedom these are some of the results you could expect by working with me:

  • Overcoming overwhelm to reconnect with why your business matters
  • Increased confidence and self-belief for getting visible and making decisions
  • Clarity around goals and actions to build momentum and move forward
  • A greater sense of purpose to create work that feels fulfilling and meaningful
  • Appreciation of personal values and strengths to find your unique work style
  • Clarity of target customer to ensure your offering matches their needs
  • High-level plan of where and how to reach your customers for maximum impact

If you have something very specific that would like to discuss please get in touch, all 1-to-1 coaching packages are tailored to the individual client and their needs.



I currently offer 2 one-to-one packages:

My 12-week one-to-one program is £1499.

My 6-month one-to-one program is £2800.

The option to spread the cost by paying in instalments may also be available, please ask for more details.

The cost of both programs includes a 5% donation to Young Minds (Registered charity no. 1016968). Young Minds is the UK’s leading charity fighting for young people’s mental health. Find out more about their work here.


I hold the following ICF-Accredited coaching qualifications:

  • Diploma in Transformational Coaching
  • Certificate in Positive Psychology for Coaching


I’ve been told that the combination of my gentle nature with asking the tough questions is what really helps people transform their lives and businesses. It certainly plays a role but my clients’ transformations are as much about their commitment to show up, be really honest with me and with themselves, and to do the work even when it’s uncomfortable.

The truth is no one needs coaching or mentoring, there are ways to find out everything you need to know from books, Google, friends, and some are even free. I believe that if you really want to, you can eventually reach your goals by yourself. I’m not selling magic beans, I’m offering you the opportunity to get really intentional about improving your business, your life and your future by taking action that will generate results. Are you ready to take a bold step towards a more fulfilling life? The fact that you’re reading this tells me that you might be. So here’s the next step, set up a free, no-obligation call with me and let’s chat about whether this is a good fit for you.


Spacious Harmony

Alignment but freedom, I bring calm to the chaos in a way that feels freeing, not like you’ve signed up to a bootcamp. Your goals will set the direction and we’ll work together to carve the route but we’ll stay flexible along the way to implement lessons and make the most of opportunities.


You matter and your dreams matter, and I’m going to keep reminding you of that. My role is to support you on your journey towards recognising your all that you have to offer to the world.


Focus on transformation above comfort. Personal growth can be uncomfortable as you experiment with new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. I’ll challenge you to look at things from other perspectives to interrupt your thought habits and there may be times that this means you don’t like me very much! But I’m ok with that because I’m committed to helping you transform your life and business, and sometimes that means saying the things that your friends won’t.


This runs through everything I do with my clients, from the connection we have with one another to your connection to your goals, everything fits together to move you closer to the future you want to build.


No one solution works for all people so we will create plans and actions together that are tailored to you and what you need, whether that’s exercises, reading lists, ways of working, or a kick-ass vision of your future life that has you jumping out of bed in the morning!

Laila is an excellent coach. She has helped me to find many unconscious blocks preventing me from moving forward and helped me to make many little shifts into desired directions and solutions for me. I loved her bold and in the same time gentle approach and that she was very non- judgemental and that's why I could feel free to explore what was happening in my inner and outer world freely as I am very sensitive to judgement. She is very intuitive and have a great observation skills and can assess any resistance or things that are not in harmony within me and point them out. I would recommend her to anyone who would love helping with moving forward in life and getting some solutions.

Elena Gajdosikova

Laila’s calming persona and great questioning skills facilitated my personal growth towards self-belief. She helped me to see that my life achievements thus far were tangible markers from which I could confidently propel myself towards further development and as such greater attainment.

Celia Tummings

"I highly recommend coaching as you get to hear yourself out loud communicating your truths and that can be very powerful, especially when someone is reiterating it back to you which proves very effective.

This style of communication with ongoing support really made me look at myself and my current behaviours, and I finally feel more at peace with my direction.

Thank you very much Laila, you really created a great platform for me to progress through your support, feedback and attentive ear."

Desreen Greet

A Work for Good business

I work for good.

Throughout 2020 5% of all one-to-one package sales will be donated to YoungMinds

(registered charity number 1016968).

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