How to add me on Voxer

If you don’t already have Voxer, it is a smartphone app that allows us to quickly exchange voice and text messages whilst keeping them separate from personal messages.

Step 1. Download the Voxer app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Step 2. Create your account.

Step 3
. Find me on the app by clicking on the menu on the top left and then clicking on “Contacts” from the menu options. From there, just type in lailaedy (no spaces) until my profile shows up with my picture. From there, just click on “Add to Contacts”

Step 4
. Once you’ve clicked the “Add” link, it will take you to the chat. Please send a quick message saying hello so I can respond and we both know it’s all set up correctly. If you haven’t had a response within 24 hours, please drop me an email to check whether it reached me.

I’m so excited that we’re going to be working together!

Usage Policy

  • I will answer all reasonable posed questions to the best of my ability, as time and written/recording format will allow.
  • I may combine multiple questions into one response if there is more than one message received within one 24 hour period or I may reply by email if I feel that is a more appropriate way to share information. I will still inform you via Voxer if this is the case.
  • I will respond in a timely manner during my business hours, and this will generally be within 24 hours of receiving a message. Responses given outside of my working hours or during weekends, public holidays, vacation, and extenuating circumstances will be at my own discretion and are not to be expected.
  • My working hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.

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