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support all of your customers to get bigger results

Understanding your audience is critical to knowing what to sell and how to sell it. The Inclusive audience profiles training will help you focus on the characteristics of your audience that really matter, making your offer creation and marketing easier and helping all of your customers to get the solutions they’re seeking. 

pre-sale price: £29

(price increases to £49 from 14 march 2024) 

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Why I created this training… 

During my corporate career I was lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and design agencies where I learned ‘best practice’ approaches to growing online businesses. And one thing I’ve always remained passionate about is the importance of understanding your audience.

However, the tech industry where I learned my craft is renowned for a lack of diversity and that’s something I see mirrored in the online business world which has adapted many of these methods. So many business owners are unintentionally contributing to this problem through the techniques used within their businesses.

So I decided to use my expertise to create an alternative, more inclusive approach to audience profiles to help make a positive change in the industry.


the training will cover


purpose + value of customer profiles

Learn how customer profiles are meant to be used in your business


pros + cons of ideal customer avatar

Intentions vs. impact of this method


connecting to the awareness journey

Creating nuance around your customers’ problem


understanding your customers' problems

3 key elements to connect to their experience


inclusive audience workbook

Create an inclusive audience profile for your business

if you buy during the pre-sale you will also get to pre-subimt questions to be answered in the training!

Hi, I’m Laila!

I’m Laila, a Business Growth Strategist. I love tea, polka-dots and helping people grow a business that feels good, fills their bank account and fuels positive change in the world.

I spent over a decade working in the corporate world where I specialised in audience research, digital products and strategy. Wanting a greater sense of purpose in my work, I decided to start my own company helping small businesses who want to do good in the world and now I fuse my passion for social justice with my business expertise to create a unique and powerful approach to ‘good’ business. 


If you’re looking for a business strategist who will get to know you (not tell you who you should be) and help you craft a business you love working in, whilst also having fun with a brilliantly smart and witty person, I couldn’t recommend Laila more highly! 

Gem K.

pre-sale price of £29 until 14th marh 2024

plus pre-subimt questions to be answered in the training

Add inclusive audience profiles to your business and help all your customers get better results!  

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