3 Simple Steps To Banish the January Blues

Have the January blues set in yet?

With all the build up and excitement around Christmas and New Year it can be easy to end up feeling a bit flat in January and, let’s be honest, the grey weather doesn’t exactly help. If this sounds familiar to you then don’t worry I have 3 simple steps to banish the January Blues.

When that flat lethargic feeling kicks in all you really need to do is take action and it doesn’t always have to be in a big grand way with really time intensive goals or targets sometimes the best thing you can do is keep it simple and take small but measurable positive steps.

With that in mind let’s dive into my 3 simple steps for banishing the January Blues.


Step 1: Commit A Random Act of Kindness


One of my favourite tips for positive action is to commit a random act of kindness!

Not only will you make someone else’s day but studies show that the person who does the random act of kindness also experiences a boost in wellbeing (AKA warm, fuzzy feeling).

So let’s beat the blues together and create a ripple of kindness! If you love the idea but your mind’s gone blank, here are some suggestions:

  • Post a card to a friend telling them something you think is amazing about them
  • Stick a ‘take me’ sticky note on a book you’ve finished and leave it in a coffee shop
  • Give up your seat to a stranger on public transport


Step 2: Dance it out.


Studies have shown that getting moving is one of the best ways to lift your spirits and get the endorphins flowing, which in turn will lift your mood.

Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis is a firm believer in the dance it out philosophy and always starts her rise conferences by getting everyone on their feet to dance!

So why not put a motivational playlist together and start your day by dancing it out!

Step 3: Remind yourself what you have achieved.


Another great way to get your motivation flowing is to remind yourself just how much you accomplished last year and feel grateful for both what was achieved and what possibilities and opportunities await in the year ahead.

Sometimes our goals for a new year can overwhelm us, one of the best ways to combat this is to remind ourselves just what we are capable of by listing our achievements both big and small from the previous 12 months.

No accomplishment is too small to list, so grab yourself a notepad and pen and remind yourself just how great you really are!

This was my 3 Simple Steps To Banish the January Blues do you have your own to add to the list? Why not add your own tips in the comments section below and I would love it if you could help me by giving this post a little share to help it reach more people!

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