Is Consistency The Key To Success?

Is Consistency The Key To Success?

Is consistency the key to success? I recently heard a well known successful business person say that the difference between success and failure was consistency.

She said that the difference between her and those in her industry who weren’t as successful were the good habits, routines and consistent actions and practices that she made sure she always did. The steps she took every single day.

Consistency and Perseverance

She didn’t allow herself to break from those habits even if life got tricky.

And they weren’t all business-related either, she wrote in her journal each morning, worked out every day, did her gratitudes each evening.

Of course, there were business steps she took consistently as well including a round-up of the week call each Friday with her team and a planning session on a Monday.

Set Monthly Goals

She set goals monthly and wrote down the steps needed to achieve those goals.

Now here’s what’s great, none of the things she did was complicated – we could all do them.

So why don’t we? If consistency really is the key to success then why do we find it so difficult to actually be consistent?

If being consistent can really shape our lives and bring us the levels of success we desire. Why are not doing more?


Keep Up Your Motivation

Sometimes a lack of motivation can be what’s preventing us from creating consistent habits that will help us be successful in business and in life

Other times its not knowing where to start creating that consistency.

Humans are after all are creatures of habit, we prefer to have things in our lives that are familiar and consistent.

We will create habits without realising it and sometimes not the best ones.

Scrolling Facebook just before we start work, checking emails all the time, watching too much Netflix.

The truth is there are things we all do consistently that don’t help us achieve success, we all have bad habits that we have allowed to form without even realising it.

This is sometimes where it can benefit you to get an accountability partner, someone who will make sure you goal setting, creating and mainting new habits even if it can sometimes take weeks or months to see the results.

Consistency and Success

So with all that in mind, what habits can you put in place to help you achieve the success you desire?

Can you set up a weekly team meeting, set a date a week to send out your newsletter, only check emails at set times a day?

You could write daily gratitudes, journal about your plans and goals, work out at the gym often or even set a regular time to walk the dog and listen to a podcast as you do it.

There are lots of routines you can put in place that will help you achieve consistency.

You just have to work out the best ones for you. The ones that will bring you the results and lifestyle you desire.

Sometimes it the actual goal itself that can be what finally makes you create those habits and keep them up.

Some of the driving factors behind those who are consistent are that they are confident in their goals, have the curiosity to see if they can achieve it and know how to communicate those desires.

All of which helps them form successful habits.

I’d love to hear your opinion, is consistency the key to success? Are you willing the take some risks to achieve the goals that will really make you happy?

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