A New You For The New Year

Do You Really Need To Be A New You For The New Year?

A new year and a new you? Do you really need to be a new you for the new year? As 2019 draws to a close, most of us will spend some time getting a little reflective, looking at not only what has gone well for us in 2019 but also what hasn’t.

We will make resolutions for the new year based on not only what has gone right for us but with a focus on what hasn’t.

Every year some of the most common new year resolutions are to lose weight, make more money, save more money, spend less time on our phones, get more clients for our businesses, work less, workout more, meet new people.

A New Year A New You?

Let’s be honest by the time December of each year rolls around one of the most common phrases tends to be “in the new year”

We are all so used to seeing the start of a new year as a giant big reset button, but is that really something that we need?

Maybe the key is to look at the year that’s ending a little differently, less “A New Year A New You” and more why wait for a new year for a new start.

Gratitude For Year Gone By

Maybe 2019 didn’t go exactly like you had hoped that it would, but I’m sure it wasn’t all bad.

Take the time to sit down and go over each month, create two columns.

One for all the things you are grateful for and one for all the things that gave you an opportunity to learn or grow from.

For each month, first list the positives things that went well for you or that made you laugh, acts of kindness etc.

These don’t have to be huge things, sometimes the smallest gesture can have a big impact.

List each and say why you were grateful for it, how it made you feel, really take a moment to feel gratitude for each of the things on your lists, working your way through from January to December.

Next, move onto your list of things that weren’t so great. List them all down and really allow yourself to think about them.

What can you learn from them, did it give you the chance to learn to do something different, did it help you discover a strength you didn’t know you had, did it give friends and family a chance to step up and support you?

Make sure you do this so often it becomes a consistent habit for you, as it will really help you bring about the sucess you are looking for

In other words, look for the positive in each situation, help reframe the negatives and the things that didn’t go so well.

If we spend too much time focusing on the negative things that happened in our lives then it can make us take a negative view not only the year that is drawing to a close, it can also give us a pessimistic view on the new year that’s about to start.

Where in reality 2020 can be anything you want it to be, it’s up to you to decide how your year will go and create it accordingly. You don’t have to be a brand new you in 2020 but you can create a year you love.

Start Today

Now as for waiting for the new year to start making the changes in your life? Why wait? Each day is a new chance to start over, to hit reset. So when 2020 comes around and you find yourself frustrated that January comes and goes and you haven’t made the changes that you thought you would tell yourself, ‘so what?’

Imagine how amazing your life could end up if instead of telling yourself, ‘I’ll start on Monday’, ‘I’ll start next month’, ‘I’ll start in the new year’, Imagine if you just told yourself, ‘I’ll start today’.

What difference would that make to your year and more importantly your life?

So with all that in mind, do you really need a new you for the new year?

Why not share some of the things you are grateful for and some of the things that have challenged you in the comments section below.

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