Don’t Let This Excuse Hold You Back From Success

As January draws to a close I wanted to talk to you about your goals and your hopes for 2019 and how you can best achieve them.

Did you set goals for your business and your life for this year? Have you planned on how you are going to achieve them?

Perhaps you are already able to tick off some of those goals or perhaps they have already fallen to the side and seem further away than ever.

When we set our goals and plans for a new year, it’s amazing how quickly we can start to come up with excuses for why we aren’t going after our goals with everything we have.

Everytime we set a goal or try to achieve something new we are pushing ourselves further out of our comfort zones and the more we do this the more fear we feel and when we feel scared then the excuses as to why we can’t reach our goals start to flow.

Whether it’s lack of time, money, resources or ability, it amazing the sheer number of excuses we can find to kill our dreams and goals!

This past week alone I have heard the same excuse pop up time and time again in a variety of different places, maybe it’s one you are guilty of as well?

“I don’t have enough time”

This is without a doubt one of the most used excuses for not reaching and achieving our goals.

It’s one of the easiest excuses to give, “I don’t really have time with work / kids / husband / health / family” etc and perhaps you have bristled as you read this, thinking well it’s true I don’t have time for those reasons.

I get it, I really do. Life gets busy and it can seem overwhelming, but here’s the truth. We all have the exact same number of hours in day.

No more, no less.

You have the exact same hours in your days as Oprah, as Carrie Green, Rachel Hollis, Beyonce or that competitor who is nailing their business in your niche.

We all have the exact same time.

The secret to overcoming this is to realise that more often than not it’s a mindset shift you need not more hours in the day!

You need to track all the time in your day, practically down to the minute. It can seem a thankless task but it will help you see where time gets wasted.

How much time do you spend scrolling mindlessly through social media? Binge watching shows on Netflix? Spending time on tasks that aren’t vital? Where can you take time from and allocate that time to helping you achieve your goals?

There is always a way to make your goals happen, so don’t let this excuse hold you back from success!

How are you getting on with your 2019 goals? Is a lack of time one of your most common excuses or is it something else?

Share your stories in the comments section and I would love it if you could give this page a share to help me reach more people with my blog posts!

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