Live your dreams now (Video)

,Last summer I travelled to the French countryside to stay in a beautiful chateau and witness two good friends get married.

You’d think I would have been excited, right? Well, my first reaction was, ‘oh no, I’m going to have to take time away from my business and I have so much to do!’.

And then I realised how crazy this was…

One of the reasons I started my own business so was so that I could have the flexibility to spend more time with family and friends.

My reaction to going was even crazier because I had set a goal that I would move abroad in the future and the French countryside is on the shortlist.

And yet here I was having a taste of my dream life but was almost ready to stay in my comfort zone locked in my room tapping away at my keyboard!

But that really isn’t how truly successful people behave!

I know how hard it can be to grow your business and achieve your dreams but don’t forget why you got started in the first place.

If your dream is to spend more time with loved ones, take a day off midweek now and again. If your dream is to be able to afford a monthly spa day then book yourself a massage once in a while.

Whatever it is, you need to make sure you are taking the steps you need to bring you closer to living the life of your dreams.

As I was sat in a tiny village cafe tucking into a delicious lunch I could picture this being my life and I felt a renewed excitement about my business.

Keeping in mind what you’re really working towards and finding a way to get a little taste of it from time to time will help keep you motivated the rest of the time and don’t worry about taking the time you need.

You’re the boss not a workhorse!

Create a vision board and fill it with pictures of your dream life and motivational quotes, write out your dream life at the start of each day and take the steps you need to make it a reality. Vision boards are a wonderful way of really helping you focus on what you want helping to ensure you live your dreams now and not some mystical day in the future.

With that in mind I want to share my latest video about how to make a vision board that works so that you can keep your dreams at the front of your mind on a daily basis to help you achieve your goals.

This could be a game changer that helps you live your dreams starting today

What’s are your dreams? I’d love to hear what you’re working towards.

Know what you want to be doing but still not doing it?

Tired of getting in your own way?

Coaching could be the key to help move you from where you are, to where you want to be.

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