3 easy confidence boosting activities (VIDEO)

Starting your own business is hard work and with so many new skills to learn and the inevitable mistakes along the way, it’s no wonder many of us can end up feeling like maybe we’re not good enough to make it. I’m here with some easy confidence boosting activities to help you realise that you are good enough.

If you have been a member of my community over in Facebook you will know that as a teenager and into early adulthood I struggled with high functioning depression and below I’m sharing some activities to help boost your confidence including one of the main activities that helped me!

3 easy confidence boosting activities

Activity 1: List your accomplishments no matter how small

This is one my favourite and most effective tips and it will only take you 10 minutes a day but it will bring you the most amazing results. At the end of each day set aside 10 minutes where you can sit uninterrupted and in a notepad, or even using notes on your phone write down a list of all the things you achieved that day. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. Everything from brushing your teeth, going to the gym, booking a new client, note it down. At first, this can feel uncomfortable but the more you do it the more natural it will feel and it will help you go to bed proud of your achievements and in turn that will help give your confidence the boost it needs.

Activity 2: Read Something that inspires you

One of the best ways to help increase your confidence and self-esteem is to read (or listen) to something that motivates you and makes you feel more positive.

Last Year Rachel Hollis book Girl Wash Your Face shot to the top of the best sellers charts and stayed there for most the year and it seemed like everyone was reading it.

The reason almost everyone gave for loving it? It made them feel powerful, motivated and confident to go out and tackle the lies about their own lives that were holding them back.

So take the time even just 15 minutes a day to read or listen to something that lifts your spirits and your confidence!

Step 3: Change your negative Self Talk

Words matter. All too often we take more care over the things we say to other people than we do about the things we say to and about ourselves.

Would you tell someone you loved they “were rubbish” “looked terrible” “weren’t good enough” or would probably “fail”? No, of course, you wouldn’t! So why would you do it to yourself?

When you catch yourself using negative self-talk stop and challenge yourself. Change the words and turn the negative talk into an affirmation or positive statement.

These are 3 easy confidence boosting activities to help get you back on track and boost your self-belief.

Know what you want to be doing but still not doing it?

Tired of getting in your own way?

Coaching could be the key to help move you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Do you have any favourite tips you would love to share? Pop them in the comments below and don’t forget to share over on your social media pages as well!

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