How To Get Motivated To Work

How To Get Motivated To Work

“How to get motivated to work?” I saw this question on a business facebook group recently, it’s an interesting question and I wasn’t surprised to see just how many people felt the same way

Let’s face it at one time or another we have all suffered from a lack of motivation.

Whether that’s because we are doing the same thing day to day and therefore the monotony can make it hard to stay motivated.

Or perhaps it’s fear or a lack of focus on what you are trying to achieve that means you struggle to find the motivation to get the work done.

The truth is it’s OK to have a lack of motivation, sometimes it’s our minds way of alerting us to a problem with what we are trying to achieve.

If you occasionally find yourself wondering how to get motivated to work, it’s your subconscious mind’s way of letting you know that perhaps you need a mindset shift.

As long as a lack of motivation doesn’t become a long term problem, it’s OK to use the odd dip in motivation to give yourself the time to shift your mindset.

I once heard some career advice that said, if you find yourself in a job or running a business and every day you dread starting work and are struggling to feel motivated then it might be time to rethink your career.

I agree with that to a certain degree, if you find yourself feeling this way you have to ask yourself some genuine questions about your chosen path.

That doesn’t have to mean changing careers or giving up on your business though. It may be that you just have to change certain parts of your business or work to create a different feeling towards it.

Finding Your Motivation

Take A Break

If you are looking for how to get motivated to work then the first thing you should look to do is take some time out.

When you feel yourself struggling for motivation, set the work aside for 30 mins and do something to clear your head.

Put on some music and dance it out. Go outside for a walk and let some fresh air clear your head or go to the gym. Listen to a podcast or audiobook from someone who inspires you.

Allow yourself the time you need to shift your mind into a positive place.

Break It Down

Sometimes the biggest hurdle we face when trying to get motivated to work is that we are simply overwhelmed by what we have to do.

Get out a pad and pen and have a brain dump, list every task you think you need to complete.

Then split them into three different categories:

  • Highest priority
  • Needs to be done but isn’t urgent
  • Doesn’t need to be done

Ditch any task that isn’t relevant, isn’t important. Sometimes we are guilty of creating massive to do lists in our need to feel busy but most of the time when you map it out, there are lots of things on your to do list that really don’t belong there.

Then go through the other two columns and list any task that can be delegated. This allows you to remove the jobs that need to be done but aren’t the best use of your time.

This allows you to focus on the jobs that are the most important, and the ones that you love to carry out. Your area of expertise.

Once you have it mapped out start to work through your own list one step at a time.

Focus on bitesize tasks that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed and won’t make you lose your motivation for work.

Give Yourself Credit

At the end of each day, list your successes for the day no matter how small.

One of the easiest ways to keep yourself motivated is to celebrate the wins.

So each day give yourself credit for the you accomplished that day, the steps you took that moved your work and business forward.

You need to be your own biggest cheerleader.

If you have ever found yourself wondering how to get motivated to work, I hope these tips have helped.

If you have motivation tips of your own pop them in the comments box below and don’t forget to help me spread the love by giving this post a share on your social media channels!

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