Inspirational Mum Entrepreneurs

3 Inspirational Mum Entrepreneurs

As a relatively new mum with a business of my own to run, I’ve found myself looking more and more at inspirational mum entrepreneurs. To see how they have created and grown their businesses alongside raising a family.

I think when it comes to our business life, there are different people we take inspiration from at various different times, and now I have had my little girl, my attention has certainly been drawn more toward mum led businesses and entrepreneurs.

The great news is that there are so many out there killing it in business while also raising their family, from big entrepreneurs to small independent businesses, it turns out there are a whole lot of entrepreneurial mums to take inspiration from!

In fact, according to an Ipse report, the number of women registered as self-employed or freelance has more than doubled since 2008 (by 67%) and that growth means that women now make up 43% of all freelancers.

A large percentage of this growth has been driven by a growth in the number of mums starting their own businesses.

With all this in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the mums whose stories I have found inspiring!

3 Inspirational mums running successful businesses:

Denise Duffield Thomas::

Denise Duffield Thomas has been a revelation when it comes to changing the narrative about money. As a money mindset mentor, she was already running a hugely successful business before her children came along.

As a huge fan of her work, I was really interested to find out all I could about how she planned for the shift in her business once her first baby arrived, it was clear to me she had managed to make this shift as she is now a mum of three and her business is more successful than ever!

As I was expecting my first baby, I was keen to see how she had planned the transition for her business before and after the arrival of her first baby.

I discovered a great article from Arianna Taboada, where she had interviewed Denise and gone into detail about how she had made the transition.

It was clear from the article that forward planning had been the key to making this transition as smooth as possible.

“I’m definitely a long term planner, so I started shifting my business in preparation before I was even pregnant!” Denise Duffield Thomas

In the article she goes on to say that she had to shift her priorities from her one-to-one clients and focus more on her evergreen content, that could continue to make her money while allowing her to be less hands-on.

She also explains how she batched her content in advance, used software to help with customer service and just did as much as she could to be prepared. She also used her maternity leave to set new boundaries which she kept up after she had her kids.

Like I said I have always loved Denise Duffield Thomas and I was curious to see how she made the transition from running a business to having kids and running a business.

While I have no doubt there were struggles there, she has managed to do it while continuing to grow her hugely successful business!

Carrie Green:

As a member of Carrie Greens membership group, I loved getting to see a little of her transition from entrepreneur to mum entrepreneur.

Carrie had her son just a little while before my daughter was born, so her journey to motherhood and running her business was one that really connected with me.

As a member of the members club, I’ve been able to see little insights into how Carrie is running her business since baby Kasey arrived.

I especially loved her video series on building a successful business and having a baby.

In it she gives some key insights into how guilty she felt taking time off from the FEA, how she missed working and being involved but knew she had to give herself the time off to enjoy motherhood.

Here are some of her top tips that she has learned on her journey into motherhood as an entrepreneur.

  • “Honour this moment! (Give yourself a break!)”
  • “Give yourself permission to spend time with your baby”
  • “Don’t compare yourself to anyone else out there. You’re unique – enjoy where you’re at right now.”
  • “Don’t put pressure on yourself to have it all figured out” –  Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Association

Rachel Hollis:

Rachel Hollis is an author and entrepreneur who juggles a hugely successful business alongside raising her 4 children.

Rachel now runs her business alongside her husband Dave so it’s a family affair, but she admits she works hard and her schedule sometimes takes her away from her family.

However what I love is that she uses this as a learning opportunity for her kids, she thinks it’s good for them to see how hard their mum works to run a successful business that helps give them a life they love.

She also isn’t too hard on herself if she can’t always make it to a school trip or if she has to ask for help to get it all done.

She gives herself permission to not always to be able to have it 100% and I think not being too hard on yourself is something we all need reminding of sometimes – I know I do!

Those are just 3 examples of mums running big companies while raising a family but there are so many of us out there doing the same with a smaller business, that are just as inspirational too.

From mums who have started tabletop businesses to make a little extra money, or others who have started a business from scratch while on maternity leave because they realised going back to their old job just wouldn’t work for them.

The growing trend of female and mum entrepreneurs doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, which is, in my opinion, a great thing!

What about you? Which mums in business have you found inspiring? Share your favourites in the comment section below, and don’t forget to tell me about your business as well!

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