Women Entrepreneurs are they the future of business?

Lately there has been more reports and more articles about the rise in women in business. In fact the number of women starting up in business is fast outgrowing the number of men doing the same, helping drive growth and innovation. Which begs the question are women entrepreneurs the future of business?


As a women running her own business , I have seen first hand just how many amazing women are out there with businesses of their own. From small start-ups to huge corporations the rise has been evident to those of us working in this space.


Women Entrepreneurs


So what has caused the rise in women entrepreneurs? When you start to look into this there are so many different reasons for the rise in women doing it on their own.


Studies have shown that many mums are choosing to start up on their own while raising their little ones (and mums supporting and encouraging other mums only adds to that movement)


For many women their business starts as a side hustle alongside their current career, for others it’s a need to finally do what they have always wanted to do!


It’s no coincidence that as our use of the online world has grown so too have the number of women entrepreneurs, there are so many resources out there to help us start and grow our businesses, to learn the skills we need.


Not only that but we can find a community online, our tribe to help us on our way.


Places like the female entrepreneurs association and my own inspiring women society group, not only help combat entrepreneurial loneliness they have us connect with like minded women who can cheer us on our journey, and console and encourage us when times get tough.


In fact it was helping tackle loneliness as a entrepreneur and a desire to help cheer other women on that encouraged me to start my own FB group of amazing women.


So are women entrepreneurs the future of business? I certainly think so and I can’t wait to see all these amazing businesses grow!


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